Monday, November 11, 2002

Rescued from the vaults: Complement Clauses

"I want you to love her."
Koanes vies ēlteta.

"I know that you love her."

you love her = vies ēlte
I know it = sanas teje

Sánas téie ó vei ēlteva
Sánas téie ēltevá vei

In conclusion, when a verb is nominalised, its agent receives the genitive.

general "I know that you love her" = Sanas teie o vei ēlteva
specific "I know that you love her" = Sanas teje o vei ēltēva

ēltesva > ēltehva > ēltēva
ēltekva > ēltekva > ēltehva

No, no, absolutive (patient) takes the genitive, and the verbal noun really shouldn't inflect for person and number—

that you love me = vies ēltevá sai, vies esái ēlteva
that I love you = sanas ēltevá vei, sanas evéi ēlteva

-a- > -ān
-e- > -ein
-o- > -ūn

I think you want it:
Sanas think-as vies koanein

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